Kathy-Jane Elton

About Elton Management

Elton Management Consulting Inc. is a dynamic St. John’s based management consulting firm that has developed a strong brand of working effectively with clients to focus their strategic priorities, ensure all organizational resources are aligned to pursue these priorities, and to provide them with practical tools to measure performance and support sustained growth.

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Newfoundland Hibernia

Newfoundland Expertise

We have a comprehensive understanding of the Newfoundland and Labrador economy, notably its key sectors and their relative contributions; industrial, commercial, and business capacity issues; provincial labour markets and its challenges; air, water, and road transportation infrastructure; educational capacity; and social infrastructure issues.

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Our Services

The firm brings a comprehensive and impressive range of skills and experience across a broad range of both economic and social disciplines including strategic planning, organizational and operational effectiveness, sector development strategies, policy development, program evaluation, and performance management.

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Elton Management Consulting

Elton Management Consulting Inc. is committed to ensuring the highest standards for the practice of management consulting and we are recognised for demonstrating “exceptional leadership and unfailing commitment” to advancing the profession.  We are also driven to be recognised as being among the most competent in this field.

We bring this same leadership and dedication in supporting our clients with skill and expertise that exceeds expectations and leads to measureable change in their business and organisation.

And our reputation is one of being honest and forthright in our findings and presenting “refreshing”, ”insightful”, “proficient” and “non-biased” solutions that support our clients in advancing their mandates and realizing their vision.

The range of skills and experience that the firm has developed is both broad and comprehensive.  Our proficiency in many core skills has supported our work across many economic and social sectors.  And our understanding of government, public policy, organizational processes and culture, as well as the realities and challenges of the global business environment and it impacts on the provincial economy, presents a unique range of experience and perspective.

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